Being female often carries
the weight of virtue,
obedience and dependence.

We want to release us from these outdated identifiers and give them the space to explore gender roles, sexuality and the female experience without shame. Our mission is to unite women from every walk of life and give men a comprehensive resource to understand the female experience, building strong role models and future leaders in the process.

Sidepiece Magazine’s approach to political and social views are not those out of hate but instead agreeing that feminism is a movement of fighting for equality of all individuals – regardless of gender.

Our Team

Aubrey Smith

Founder, editor-in-chief

Aspiring to be Fiona Apple, the closest Aubrey ever got was consuming a Red Delicious. With a background in magazine production and design and love for art direction, leadership, and celebrating women, it was a no-brainer to start a publication combining her talents and passions for an uplifting cause.

Chloe Bradburn

executive administrator

Chloe is a west coast based midwestern girl at heart. With a passion for all things creative, she currently manages a floral shop in LA. She hopes to use her experiences for good by shedding light on rarely discussed topics of the female journey.

Dominique Stewart

Managing editor

Dominique is a creative based in Miami. She currently writes and edits the Social Justice section for an online media company, The Tempest. Though she’s taken a hiatus from writing, her interest lies within the intersections of blackness and health; two topics she feels are rarely discussed together. She can be found with an orange in her bag spying on her neighbors.

Anna Bowman


Anna is an Indy-based creative who lives with her dog Babs and stacks of unfinished books. Born into a matriarchal family, her passion for female empowerment is strong and widespread, making Sidepiece a perfect outlet. She currently works for the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office in the communications department, which has prepared her for a starring role should they every make a Law and Order: Indianapolis.

Hayli Craig

Senior copy editor

Hayli is an editor and marketing manager, based in Louisville, KY. If she’s not internetting, you can find her baking, playing with her pup or running – all whilst watching True Crime documentaries.

Eric Moore

senior copy editor

Eric Moore is an Iowa-born writer/comedian “living” in Los Angeles. He produces various live comedy shows around the city and his play, The Circle Table, will premiere at the 2019 Hollywood Fringe Festival.

Jana Astrouski

Art Director

Jana Astrouski is a creative director and photographer based in Indianapolis. She has a passion for simplicity and detail.

Charlee Black

in-house photographer

Charlee Black merges deeply contrasted portraits with highly textured minimalism to create images of depth. Her work carries a heavy dose of representation for women and people of color. Having little to no formal training in photography, Black has based her work in a pinnacle of expression, self-esteem, and emotions.

Christina Valdez

in-house photographer

Christina believes photography is one of the strongest storytelling methods and is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Emerging Media Design & Development at Ball State University. She was raised in a Mexican-Cuban household and is really proud of her roots. Growing up, people frequently told her she wasn’t skinny enough, feminine enough, graceful enough, or talented enough. She joined this project to prove the haters wrong.

Jala Cruz

events director

Jala is passionate about working with initiatives aligned with beneficial causes catering to education and women’s empowerment. Currently, she is an Events Coordinator and Project Manager who helps oversee and guide the process in producing our special events. With experience in publishing, fashion, digital marketing and entertainment, she is talented at balancing project objectives. Jala is excited to participate in the launch of Sidepiece Magazine because enlightening content that strengthens and uplifts the community is valuable and should be supported.

Ainger Alexander

Public relations director

Ainger is an Indianapolis native and local digital creator. She holds a B.S. in Communications with special emphasis in public relations and journalism from the University of Indianapolis. Her life mantra: She will not let the fire around her out-burn the fire inside of her.

Jordan Thomas

social media manager

Jordan is a multi-passionate artist and organizer from Indianapolis. As a fierce advocate for the power of creativity in society, she is heavily involved in the local Indianapolis art community, working each day to foster more opportunities for emerging artists and galleries through her social brand @indyartscene and educational art and business workshops.

Erika Espinoza

Website developer

Erika is a co-owner and designer for a creative services startup in Muncie, IN, as well as a grad student in Emerging Media Design and Development at Ball State University. She lives for to-do lists, impossible Pinterest projects and dark roast coffee.

Jessica Carr

video producer

Jessica is a co-founder of Indianapolis-based video company, Space Flower. Her highest values are empathy, honesty, community, sustainability, and minimalism. She strives to incorporate each of these values into everything she does, including her creative work.

Julia Bluhm

Social media intern

Julia Bluhm is a junior at Butler University, majoring in digital media production and minoring in dance. She is the culture editor of the Butler Collegian and was previously a journalism intern with PATTERN Magazine.

Ashley Bahney

graphic design intern

Ashley is a graphic design major who will be wrapping up my senior year at Ball State University during the spring of 2019. She favors simple yet impactful design that can be combined with an illustrative twist that reminds her of the hand-drawn, tangible qualities.