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Sidepiece Magazine

a for-benefit organization aiming to empower women through education

 The Problem

From a young age, girls are conditioned to uphold the roles and characteristics that society has assigned to the female experience: dependent, obedient, and virtuous. While some may favor this experience, it’s a singular one in a spectrum of roles that are available to women.

While navigating womanhood might be confusing and oftentimes exploitative, it’s more important now than ever to create an inclusive space for women at any stage – devoid of race, sexual orientation, age, or sex assignment.

The Solution

Sidepiece Magazine’s mission is to shed a comprehensive light on all aspects of gender roles, sexuality, and the female experience through narratives, interviews, articles and artwork to ensure no woman feels isolated or illiterate when it comes to their body. Often, the first step of healing is simply sharing one’s story.
Our Mission
We hope to incite a community among women who are exploring their womanhood, as well as men who strive to be better informed about the opposite sex. Women who do not fit into the heteronormative category. Women who have been abused. Women who are looking for answers about their bodies. Sidepiece Magazine will include each of these stories so women can learn, grow, and become strong role models and world leaders.

Our Mission

We hope you’ll consider giving to Sidepiece Magazine. We rely on generous people like you to donate the time and money that makes our work possible. Your dollars are the first step in the cycle that will help us generate our own revenue and build our collective. Your donation will help us secure resources for production such as:

  • printing costs
  • marketing collateral
  • social media advertisements
  • website maintenance + domain hosting
  • content management systems
  • co-working hubs
  • photoshoot supplies
often the first step is simply

Sharing Your Story

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Who We Represent

Our readers are hard to put a label on. They are your mother, your sister, your daughter and your soul mate. They want content that speaks to them and for them. Pictures that capture not just beauty, but familiarity. Our readers are looking for a magazine they don’t flip through mindlessly – but turn from page to page with curiosity and connection.

content & topics

Stories We Tell

Sidepiece Magazine isn’t just a publication, it’s a megaphone for what every woman goes through and a guide to help them continue to move forward/battle on. Therefore, like the many facets of womanhood, the categories of our content are widespread. Our pieces encompass diverse points of view and cover a wide range of issues, but they all have one thing in common – improving the female experience. From depression to empowerment, we want to travel along the path of women and give them the insights and inclusiveness they need to live their most confident, She-Ra lives.

Here’s to the Survivors


Every magazine will cost the reader $15 plus shipping. For every magazine sold, $5 will be donated to Tru Harbor, a nonprofit facility for children in Indiana who have been sexuality exploited and/or have survived sex trafficking.

At Tru Harbor’s core, they help catch children who have fallen. Fallen on hard times, fallen between the cracks, fallen from grace. They pick them up, stand up for them, teach them to stand on their own. Then they watch them give back to their families, their neighborhoods, their communities, and their world. For more information, visit www.yocinc.org.

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